Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Photographer

When choosing a photographer for an upcoming photoshoot, it is crucial not to make hasty decisions and not rush to extremes. For example, opting for the most expensive or cheapest photographer, a complete Johnny-come-lately but a very creative beginner, or a super-experienced professional with two higher photographic education and a bunch of diplomas and certificates.

Before choosing a photographer, you need to carry out painstaking work to find a suitable candidate and decide for yourself whether this is the professional with whom you will be comfortable working and whether he/she will be able to provide the result that you expect.

To make it easier for you to navigate in choosing a photographer, we offer a small cheat sheet, which contains the most basic points worth paying attention to.



In a portfolio, a photographer usually demonstrates one’s best work and level of professionalism. If in some photographs, you notice a lack of harmony, there is no unity of style, then it is better to look for another specialist. For instance, you prefer melancholic, portraits and black and white shots, but in the portfolio, you see mostly bright and funny photos. It is unlikely that such cooperation will meet your expectations. Therefore, when you study the portfolio of a professional, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • What people look like in the pictures. This is about naturalness. If in each portrait you see feigned emotions, strained smiles, and tension literally fills the entire space of the photo, then most likely, your result of the photo session will not be better. A true professional should be able to relieve stress, liberate and allow even the most inexperienced and constricted model to be oneself.
  • Quality of pictures. All photographers subject their works to editing. Someone does only light color adjustment: others — retouch. But some masters use active photomontage, and not very skillfully (they try to correct the flaws of the outfit, hairstyle, or makeup, remove or add a background, correct the figure, or oval of the face). You do not turn to a photographer for a photo collage, but high-quality pictures.
  • Variety of poses. Each of us is individual. If all models pose in the same manner in the portfolio, most likely such a concept as an individual approach is not familiar to the photographer. In this case, get ready to repeat the poses already seen in the portfolio and do not count on the choice of angles that will emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws. Choose a master who does not work according to a template, choosing a shooting strategy depending on the type, external data, and the wishes of the customer.
  • The shooting place. Do you want a photo session outside, against the background of the setting sun, and the photographer has only studio pictures in his portfolio? Well, then, probably, your relationship is unlikely to work out. After all, a photographer is like a doctor of narrow specialization — if he is an anesthesiologist, he does not know how to treat teeth.

It is crucial to remember: the photographer’s portfolio contains, as a rule, the best works. For most of them, experienced models posed, so do not expect your ten pictures to be as stunning.


Comfort of Communication

If you feel some discomfort in communicating with the photographer, then it will be hard for you to work with him/her — you will not be able to relax, and you are unlikely to enjoy the shooting, which cannot but affect the result of the photo session. Before preparing for a photo shoot, be sure to meet with the professional in person, talk about the course of the photo session, consult on preparation issues (makeup, hairstyle, accessories, etc.)

Cost of Services

The high price is not at all an indicator of the incredible skill of the photographer. As quite a budget price does not mean that the quality of the pictures will be bad. Focus on the average price in your city, so you definitely cannot go wrong. It is better to negotiate the cost of services in advance. To protect oneself and the client, a conscientious photographer must conclude a written agreement where he/she prescribes what is included in the price of the service and what additional costs are possible. And be sure to check how many printed pictures you will receive.

Today’s opportunities allow you to organize your photo session without leaving your home — after all, all you need is Internet access.

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