The Most Beautiful Window Photos According to Ecoline Windows Experts

You’ve probably heard that with the right windows you can completely transform the look of your home. Regardless of whether you are going for a contemporary look or a more traditional one, there are windows for every home style. Let’s not forget all the value that windows have to offer as well. From showcasing the beautiful interior of your home and bringing natural light into your space to helping you conserve energy; the importance of the right windows cannot be overemphasized.

But you always want to start with a great design and nice look of your windows. The experts from Ecoline Windows Canada also claim this the first major factor to rely on when selecting your next windows. So, here are some of the most beautiful units and their photos for you to consider.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are short fixed panes of glass typically located over the top of the windows or a door. They work well with any type of window style you choose and give them a very elegant look. Transom windows look particularly good with fixed windows as seen in this picture. This combination is perfect for places with very attractive scenery.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are windows that are fixed to the roofline. They are very attractive and instantly add an air of class and grandeur to any building. These windows allow so much natural light that you would most likely save money on electricity bills during the daytime. Skylight windows do not open, unlike roof windows which open in a contemporary awning style.

Bay Windows

Bay windows always make a beautiful view. They are perfect for settings like these because of the extra space they create. Bay windows are external protrusions of windows from a wall and they usually have three sections of windows. They are preferred by homeowners because of the space they create which could be used for several things such as setting up a nook and fixing window seats. Bay windows are also good for bedrooms because they are perfect for making space bigger and allowing natural light in.

Picture Windows


Picture windows are one of the most stylish window options to ever exist. Their minimalist design and beauty make them a preference in areas with attractive outdoor sceneries. They are large and fixed panes of glass designed to be immovable and to give an unobstructed view of your surroundings. They might offer no ventilation, but they have great aesthetic value, allow a lot of natural light in, and give you an amazing view of your surroundings.

Hung Windows


Hung windows aren’t just pretty, they are also very functional and come with a lot of advantages. Hung windows generally refer to both single and double-hung windows. Double-hung windows offer maximum ventilation because both sashes can be opened. With single hung windows one of the sashes is fixed which is typically the bottom sash while the top sash is movable. Hung windows are low maintenance because of their functional design. They are easy to clean and only require regular inspection and cleaning of the weep holes, window sills, and frames.

Casement Windows


Traditional but stylish casement windows are one of the most preferred windows of all time. They don’t just make beautiful windows, they come with other perks too.  They offer maximum ventilation because of the hinges by the side which enable them to open like doors by swinging from side to side. Casements windows are also versatile, stylish, energy-efficient, secure, and durable. Operating and cleaning this window is a pretty straightforward process because of its unique design.

The Final Thoughts

As beautiful as these windows are, they do more than add aesthetic value to a place. Your windows should give you an exclusive view of the world outside, offer maximum ventilation, save energy costs and aid your privacy and security. Remember that what makes beautiful windows aren’t just the styles of the windows. Your window treatments also matter. Feel free to explore colours, different styles of frames, different types of glass, and more. It’s a world filled with beautiful windows, yours should be one of them.

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