Digital image processing: software and area of application

Digital image processing

Let’s be honest. Not all photos are of sufficient quality to satisfy us, but we can improve them considerably if we use special software for editing. This process may sometimes take much longer than the photo shoot itself. Professional photographers who are engaged in processing usually use software to improve the appearance, the background, remove defects, add more details, making the picture perfect – just as the customer wants it to be. During editing the photographer uses special equipment. However, he/she also has to have a sense of light, the ability to visualize the composition, and other skills.

Photo-editing software

There is a variety of programs for digital editing; some are versatile, while others are intended for some specific tasks. Here are the most popular ones:

  Adobe Photoshop. It is a leader among professional graphics editors with the widest range of tools, palettes, textures, and other features.

  The GIMP. This is a free editor where you can work with GIF-animations and layers, and it can be used both to create simple drawings and to retouch photos professionally, for example.

  Photoscape. It is free and supports all basic photo-editing tools: works with layers, performs batch processing, and helps create collages and GIF-animation.

  PixBuilder Studio. This is an extremely powerful editor for digital picture production and editing imported photos. Apart from editing, it also has standard editing tools such as rotating, resizing, cloning, etc.

  Photo! Editor. It’s arguably the best editor for digital portraits. With it, you can quickly and easily remove the major defects common to this photo genre.

  Krita. It’s a cross-platform used by professional photographers and artists that allows working with bitmap graphic images and offers multiple filters that enhance the possibilities of creating artistic effects.

  Capture One Pro. It’s a software for professional photographers that offers a wide range of tools for working with RAW-format. Here you can perform complex editing operations in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

  Picasa. It is an intuitive program from Google that allows you to edit digital images on your computer and retouch portrait photos.

  ACDSee Pro. This is a versatile photo viewer with a built-in editor and batch conversion function.

Who needs professional photos now?

It’s not just weddings, family shoots, or modeling agencies where professional photos are needed, although, to be fair, those are the events they are most often booked for. During digital editing, professional photographers remove imperfections, make changes to the appearance, leave the best of the picture, and eliminate mistakes made. Professionals find the right angle; convey the mood and feelings of the participants of the photo shoot.

Yet that’s not the only area of application. A good specialist would present an advertising product in a favorable light to make you want to buy it. This service is also ordered by:

  Online stores that want to promote their new product and present it in a favorable light.

  Companies bidding to offer a better product or service than others.

  Industrial line manufacturers, who must present the equipment at its best to potential investors.

  Other companies that need to create the right image and position their business professionally so that it can be properly perceived by partners and investors.

Another field of application of professional photography is the shooting of new collections of seasonal clothing. The order is usually placed long before the fashion show so that it would be possible to find the right angles, tones, take pictures in different locations.

Why is professional photography in demand?

The answer is the simplest: if you want to get a quality product, you should turn to professionals. An amateur will be unable to convey the depth of colors, moods, feelings, clarity of lines, and choose the perfect tone.

A professional photographer will take advertising photos of the product or service, take pictures of the room’s interior and set the right light.

A professional photographer will do reporting photography for any event, whether it’s a corporate party or a wedding, family photo shoot or conference, etc. Only a professional can capture all the beauty and richness of a dish prepared by a chef, thus making a well-deserved advertisement for a master-dish.

And so, with digital photo editing, you can make the picture better by using a variety of applications available to amateurs and professionals alike. Although only a skilled photographer can take a high-quality photo and edit it appropriately, based on his/her expertise and knowledge.

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